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Taizhou Chuangyuan Machine Tool Co., Ltd. / China

Taizhou ChuangYuan Machine Tools Co., Ltd. is located in beautiful scenery and convenient traffic Taizhou Economic Development Zone, East side of salt ningjing high-speed, high-speed Ningtong the south, the north railway Ningqi. Is a precision CNC machine tool production of professional manufacturers, with excellent Kam-processing equipment, abundant technical strength, exquisite technology. Further enhanced with the cooperation between research institutions and institutions of higher learning at the same time, and constantly develop the integrity of the structure design, high quality, full-featured CNC WEDM. Company to "true value of goods, service and common development" operating principles, and in the market to win a good reputation, provinces and cities in the country, with branch offices and sales services, users can provide timely information, accessories, easy consumables and various after-sales service.   DK series produced by WEDM have DK77150, DK77120, DK77100, DK7780, DK7763, DK7750, DK7740, DK7732, DK7725, such as a variety of models, the Company in accordance with the requirements of your custom-made super-large machine tools. The main use of precision ball screws, precision inlaid steel V-rail, high-precision mechanical transmission, machine tools with a 6 °, 12 °, 20 °, 30 ° taper and other processing functions. Machine computer control cabinet, electric machine, pulse power supply for integrated control. SBC and the host computer has, microcomputer control system programmable control and processing at the same time. With automatic control system to find center, the end of shutdown, short circuit back to back, broken wires in power back to the starting point, the resumption of processing power and memory, graphics trajectory tracking show that any angle rotation control processing.   The enterprise in the new century is a modern management concept, scientific management, absorbing, forge ahead, to uphold truth, sincerity, to the marketing style of the letter for customers to produce better products, provide better services . We welcome the broad masses of old and new customers and vendors patronage, any purchase, call letters come, Fair met.

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Wenzhou Richworld lndustrial Ltd. / China

Times Industrial LTD as a manufactory is specializing in the production of ball lathe machine,cnc ball lathe machine,cnc ball grinding machine and so on. We introduce the design concept of Germany, Japan and the manufacture technology, attracting domestic engaged in CNC machine tool design and manufacture of talents. Rich World Industrial Ltd., as a professional manufactory specialized in environmental pollution control. we have 56 employees, including 12 senior technical staff and 20 intermediate technical staff. The company always pay attention to talent introduction and technical innovation, we independent innovation develop for water treatment, waste gas treatment and so on many environmental protection technology, especially in the synthetic leather and electronics recycling industry waste gas governance, developed with independent intellectual property rights of BKM waste recycling purification plant, the system has not only provided a practical new technology for waste gas treatment, and resource recycling, waste reuse technology is an important breakthrough also, for controlling of synthetic leather industry and electronic industry waste gas pollution we rushes out a new way. Now, we have finished more than 100 waste gas treatment projects and dozens of water treatment projects. Our company has the ability to undertake the design and installation of all kinds of industrial waste water, domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, industrial waste gas and other environmental engineering projects. We will strive to make our due contribution to the environmental for all of the world.

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