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Barley, Malt, Hops, Beer and Beverage Union / Russian Federation

Barley, Malt, Hops, Beer and Beverages Union (Barley, Malt, and Beer Union) is a public organization that unites more than 500 companies – both Russian and foreign participants of the "malting barley - beer" production chain: breeders, seed growers, producers of malting barley, wheat, rye, hops, malt, beer and beverage, as well as traders and specialized research institutions. The Union organizes and co-organizes the following contests and events: - Best Russian Malting Barley Producer - ROSGLAVPIVO – Best Russian Beer - Beer Beauty of Russia - Russian Field Day and Grain Forum - Barley, Malt, Hops & Beer in Russia Conference - Peredelkifest and Altaifest festivals and others. The Union is represented with a booth at the major industry fairs: Golden Autumn, BrauBeviale, BevialeMoscow and DrinkTec. The Union also pays great attention to training of representatives of the member companies: educational seminars to Germany are regularly organized in order to study the activities of German producers of malting barley, malt, hops and independent German brewers, as well as to master modern technologies for malting barley cultivation and production of malt, beer and beverages. The Union has concluded cooperation agreements with a number of public and scientific institutions: German Malting Barley Producers Association, Private Brauereien Deutschland, European Union of Independent Brewers, Technical University of Munich, Technical University of Berlin, VLB Berlin and others. The Union has formed the well-known "three C" rule, according to which the entire alcohol industry, let alone the brewing industry, should operate: consumption culture, product quality criterion, state control. The Union activities regarding this rule are traditionally supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the relevant Committees of the State Duma and Federation Council, the Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation, as well as the Administrations of the regions producing malting barley, hops and malt.

  • 1. Raw Materials for beverage production
  • 1.1. Raw Materials for Beer production
  • 1.2. Raw materials for the production of non-alcoholic beverages and mineral water
  • 1.4. Raw materials for the production of wine, sparkling wine and spirits
  • 1.5. Drinks as Raw Materials
  • 10. Consulting / Institutes / Mass media
  • 10.1. Consulting
  • 10.2. Beverage production services
  • 10.3. Institutes, training institutions and media
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Beverage Industry Magazine / Russian Federation

Magazine “Beverage Industry” is the leading trade publication of Russian beverage industry market. It is published since 1998 in 5000 copies. The frequency is 6 issues per year. At our disposal is the most complete database mailing list that is constantly updated and corrected by the Circulation department. All published information is presented in the following sections: • Manufacturing technology; • Manufacturing equipment; • Raw materials and ingredients; • Tare, packaging, labels; • Marketing, advertisement, branding; • Education; • Exhibitions, seminars. Information bulletin "BEVERAGE INDUSTRY NEWS" is a supplement to the industry journal "BEVERAGE INDUSTRY". The publication data search is done by monitoring the press and the Internet; additionally, the news and press releases are contributed by the companies: manufacturers, suppliers of components for production of beverages. Distribution of magazine “Beverage Industry” and Information bulletin "BEVERAGE INDUSTRY NEWS": • Trade magazine Beverage industry in number of 3500 copies each issue is mailed directly to producers of beer, wine, vodka, cognac, soft drinks, mineral water, juices and other. • In additional to the post mailing during the year the magazine in number of 1500 copies each issue is also distributed at profile exhibitions in Russia, Germany, China, Italy and France. Our reading audience includes the management boards of beverage producing enterprises, as well as specialists, directly responsible for the production process (technologists, purchasing department heads, marketing managers).

  • 10. Consulting / Institutes / Mass media
  • 10.3. Institutes, training institutions and media
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Caspary GmbH & Co. KG / Germany

CASPARY develops both small breweries (craft/pub) as well as breweries for medium-sized businesses and is regarded as one of the market leaders in the pub brewery branch. For over 200 years the name CASPARY has stood for brewing skills in a family tradition. CASPARY enjoys international acclaim as a Bavarian manufacturer of breweries. The company designs complete breweries and hands them over ready-for-use. The production program includes state-of-the-art brewhouses, brewing systems, new constructions and conversions as well tanks for all types of brewing. These are offered individually or as a complete turnkey projection from one single source. OUR PRODUCTS: SOLUTION FOR CRAFTBEER BREWERIES AND MIDDLE SIZED INDUSTRIAL BREWERIES: Solutions for craftbeer breweries and middle sized industrial breweries: Due to our personal know-how and the experience gained in almost 40 years of working, modernising and constructing both large and small breweries, we are in a position to offer you a competence pool for the dimensioning of your brewery in line with your goals and in which you can trust completely. This involves the dimensioning of the machines and the calculation of the required capacities and power just as much as it involves the focus on modern processes and technologies, the use of the right energy with regard to the quality of the beer, efficiency and costs and in particular with a view to the environment and sustainability. The correct decisions made right at the start of a project will accompany you for many years in your day-to-day work, will help save costs and will leave room to develop and expand your project. PUB BREWERIES The Implementation: Simple, Quick, Top-Quality Ingeniously simple The brewing installations are constructed as a whole on a robust frame. The whirl-pool is located directly below the lauter tun. The water management system, vapor atomisation and the brewhouse with its automatic programming system come with the pipes and cables completely ready-mounted. All our installations have already undergone various test runs in the factory in order to ensure they meet our quality requirements and to guarantee their timely installation on site. Even in the smallest space, the Caspary system offers professional technology. Our brewing plant is already being used in this form as a test brewing plant in the Mack’s Bryggerie in Norway. Time is money Investors are often confronted with high pre-production costs. The location of pub breweries in expensive city centres often involves high rents. The restaurant and brewery must go into operation quickly so that the investment made by owners and landlords can be redeemed quickly. Caspary installations have already undergone test runs when they are delivered and the piping of the components is ready-mounted. This ensures speedy installation. There is no need for any additional and costly test runs; problems that can occur on site and can prove very expensive are prevented before they even arise. High-Class Technology The Caspary system is based on high-class and sound technology made in Germany. It is not without reason that our pub breweries are regarded as the perfect solution for professional use throughout the world.

  • 2. Machinery and Installations for Beverage Production
  • 2.3. Machinery and installations for beer production
  • 2.4. Machinery and installations for the production of nonalcoholic beverages and mineral water
  • 10. Consulting / Institutes / Mass media
  • 10.1. Consulting
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