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Dipaul Engineering, Ltd / Russian Federation

The key competence of our company is the transfer of advanced production technologies and their introduction into the production cycle of domestic enterprises. As part of the process of introducing additive manufacturing technologies at enterprises, Dipaul helps customers solve the following tasks: • selection of technological equipment for the production cycle of the enterprise; • preparation of a feasibility study (TEO) of the results of the implementation of 3D printing technologies in the production cycle; • delivery and commissioning of technological equipment for 3D printing and 3D scanning; • service for 3D printers; • supply of metal powders for metal 3D printers for both DED and PBF processes; • supply of software for the optimization of additive manufacturing processes and technical support for products; • training of customers' specialists for working with equipment; • assistance in the transition of enterprises to digital production.

  • Industrial design of products
  • Product development and engineering
  • Simulation and visualisation
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Reverse-engineering
  • Technical analysis of product construction
  • Digital product development
  • Casting, blow и vacuum forming moulds
  • Other non-standard production tools
  • Industrial 3D-printers and lines
  • Professional and personal 3D-printers
  • 3D-scanners
  • 3D-printing service / simulation
  • 3D-scanning and geometric control
  • Software for 3D-equipment
  • Materials for 3D-printing
  • Parts and components
  • Thermoplastics, Thermosets and Polymer Based Materials
  • Polyurethane, Compounds, Polymer Resins
  • Biodegradable Materials
  • Maintenance service
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