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3D Pulse / Russian Federation

3Dpulse.ru is an information-analytical agency about 3D-technologies. Since the launch in 2014, we do not adhere to the strict format of the topics covered, because 3D technologies are perfect with no boundaries and precise definitions. However, among the many directions, we are interested in all the stages of creating a three-dimensional object: from the moment of model formation in a specialized program or 3D scanning to the production of a product on a 3D printer The target audience of our agency is people and organizations related to 3D technologies: makers and users of 3D equipment, manufacturers and developers, scientists and students, industrial enterprises and simply enthusiastic about the latest technologies. Today, 3D developments are used in many fields of science, so if you are interested in medicine, architecture, jewelry, transport or just discoveries in the field of modern technologies, our project will be useful for you. On our pages you will find the latest news of the 3D world: the scope of 3D technologies, reviews of the latest 3D printers and 3D scanners, analytical articles, interviews, case studies and author's columns. The catalogs of companies and individuals are constantly updated and updated to reflect the most complete information about the current market conditions. Our project, like a large 3D printer, collects together a lot of companies, people and stories to get high quality content that can satisfy the needs of every visitor.

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