DG solution Japan Co.

In 2018, the Company "Diva Group" presents to Your attention two product lines of company DG Solutions Japan Co.

- professional fabric tape GAFFER TAPE of "DG tape" brand is:

the @MATT series is a durable tape specially designed for professional use. 80 mesh tape density allows to keep the adhesive composition on the tape (natural rubber resistant to UV spectrum (work in the sun) - this provides the most clean removal from the surface even with prolonged use (in most cases - but do not forget to test).
Colours: black, white, grey, red, blue, green.

@ultraMATT series-this fabric tape is also suitable for professional use. More matte surface - but less dense fabric 73-76 mesh and a thinner adhesive layer (natural rubber). For short-term work, suitable for indoor work.
Presented fluorescent colors: pink, orange, yellow, green. The base color is black.

@trueGAFF series-the most dense 120 mesh fabric tape and synthetic rubber - make this tape one of the most popular for color coding and scene and equipment marking. Presented fluorescent colors: pink, orange, yellow, blue, green. The base color is black.

- plastic impact resistant case DGCASE series @LITE
A wide range of cases, ideal for basic needs of professionals (laptops, mixing consoles, switching, radios, dibox, loops and ear monitors, radio microphones, etc)

Company categories:
  • Accessories general
  • Conference and communication technology
  • Lighting technology
  • Professional Audio equipment
  • Projection and display technology
  • Specific accessories for lighting and stage technology
  • Stage technology and truss systems
Booth location:
  • Pav. 4.1, B10
  • Russian Federation, 123308
  • Phone: +7(495)241-03-17, +7(495)661-71-91
  • Email: Sale@dgs.com.ru