Asia Music

Asia Music is the largest manufacturer, designer, importer and the installer of professional audio-visual equipment and musical instruments in Russia and the CIS. For 28 years ASIA MUSIC has earned the reputation of a strong and stable company that is trusted on the market.

Today  Asia Music Company consists of sub-offices in 12 cities of the country, service centers, the largest in the CIS Central warehouse and regional warehouses in branches.

The company has its own production lines in Russia and abroad, a wide dealer network in more than 70 cities all over the country, direct contracts with international manufacturers of professional equipment and own retailing chain "Light and Music».

Asia Music equips the objects of culture including projecting, installation, setup and after-sales service, providing engineering support of cultural events (concerts, city festivals, corporate parties), performs the system integration of cinema equipment.

Company categories:
  • Accessories general
  • Professional sound equipment, amplification, linearrays
  • Laser technology and effects
  • Stage technology and truss systems
  • Professional Audio equipment
  • Lighting technology
  • Specific accessories for lighting and stage technology
  • Conference and communication technology
Booth location:
  • Pav. 4, B1
  • Pav. 4, B5
  • Russian Federation, 107140, Москва
  • Krasnoprudnaya st., 11
  • Phone: +7(495)123-34-94, +7(800)551-80-70
  • Email: moscow@asiamusic.ru
  • Russian Federation, 664510, Irkutsk
  • Irkutsk region. p. Dzerzhinsk Ushakovskaya str., D. 3A.
  • Phone: +7(395)254-40-50
  • Email: info@asiamusic.ru
  • Russian Federation, 630091, Novosibirsk
  • Sovetskya st., 58
  • Phone: +7(383)304-88-61
  • Email: opt@asiamusic.ru