Proton-Center Ltd.

The company Proton-Center Ltd. designs, manufactures and installs mechanical equipment, lighting, sound, video equipment on the Russian market for almost 30 years. The project department of Proton company is engaged in preparation of technological solutions and estimate documentation for a variety of cultural and show projects and theatrical and entertainment enterprises

Company categories:
  • Accessories general
  • Laser technology and effects
  • Lighting technology
  • Professional Audio equipment
  • Software
  • Professional sound equipment, amplification, linearrays
  • Specific accessories for lighting and stage technology
  • Stage technology and truss systems
Booth location:
  • Pav. 4, B37
  • Russian Federation, 107023, Moscow
  • 21b41, Electrozavodskaya st., Moscow, Russia
  • Phone: +7(495)784-64-81
  • Email: info@proton.ru