Balalaiker manufactory

Manufacture Balalaiker is a popular Russian manufacturer of folk musical instruments. The main products of the factory are balalaikas, gusli and accessories. The Balaliker manufactory ensures the consistently high quality of its products using modern equipment, Russian raw materials and the extraordinary talent of the craftsmen. Manufacture Balalaiker believes that music can make the world a better place and is working hard

Company categories:
  • Acoustic guitars, other plucked instruments, accessories
  • Stringed instruments, accessories
Booth location:
  • Pav. 7a, B1
  • Russian Federation, 432001, Ulyanovsk
  • –†ervaya Ulitsa Popova,18 A
  • Phone: +7(967)100-32-23
  • Email: sales@balalaiker.com
  • Russian Federation, Moscow
  • Prospect Mira, 122