Goronok String Instruments

"Goronok String Instruments" is the leading company in the field of the production of string instruments in Russia.
For more than 20 years violins, violas, cellos, double basses and bows proudly carrying the brand "Goronok" and are popular in the music world. They delight artists from an elementary to a high professional level with their sound capabilities, convenience and cost.
All our instruments are made by hand from properly prepared Caucasian wood, complete with accessories from the world manufacturers. They are individually configured being mandatory tested in concert conditions which gives each instrument its unique sound.
The mission of our company is to develop and support at the high level the cultural education of children and youth through the music.
A "Goronok" instrument is the best choice for both training and concert playing, it will help each perfomer to easily find, realize and demonstrate their creative abilities!

Company categories:
  • Stringed instruments, accessories
Booth location:
  • Pav. 7a, B1
  • Russian Federation, Russia, Saint-Petersburg
  • Vasilyevsky Island, 5th line, 32-B
  • Phone: +7(812)327-42-69, +7(812)327-42-69, +7(495)766-73-94, +7(495)766-73-94, +7(916)683-77-55, +7(916)683-77-55