As early as in 2001, Mr. Xu shuiqing, the founder of DJPOWER brand, accidentally learned that there was a flood of inferior products in China's stage effect industry. At that time domestic stage smoke machine is all the use of simple mechanical temperature control, smoke quality is very poor often scattered coke taste, even the voltage of the handheld controller is 220V, both dangerous and vulnerable.
Mr. Xu shuiqing, who loved to study technology since his childhood, was deeply touched and determined to develop more professional special effects equipment for the stage entertainment industry. In 2002, he founded guangzhou DJPOWER electronic technology co., LTD., designed the trademark himself, and led the team to invest a lot of energy in the research and development of stage effects such as smoke machine. After many twists and turns and breaking through the key technology bottleneck, in 2002, China successfully developed the first stage smoke machine using electronic temperature control technology.
In 2003, Mr. Xu shuiqing found that traditional heated aluminum was too prone to clogging and air leakage. DJPOWER also developed the first stage smoke machine in China using integral casting heater technology.
With continuous innovation, DJPOWER has achieved remarkable results and rapid growth. In its second year, DJPOWER launched the world's first DF-V6 upward smoke sprayer. Its unique creativity has led to a flood of orders...
In 2005, it launched the world's first head-shaking LED smoke machine, and continued to expand the product line, has developed snow machine, color paper machine, stage bubble machine, dry ice machine and many other special effects equipment. Products quickly go global, breaking the monopoly of high-end stage effects and smoke machine market by Germany, Denmark, the United Kingdom and other countries.
In 2008, DJPOWER (DJPOWER) worldwide original spray LED gas column smoke machine was launched, plus DJPOWER (DJPOWER) original "Immediate stop" function, so that this machine is still popular in the world!
On the way of sustainable 17 years development, DJPOWER has shown innovative wisdom every year, invented the "superjet" patent technology, developed the world's most professional water mist mixer, developed the ultra-silent snowflake machine, exclusive global launch of rechargeable DJ entertainment gun and other special effects and entertainment equipment...

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