Blastbeat Drum Shop

Shop for drummers №1 in Russia!
Blastbeat - it is the largest retail store for drummers and percussionists in the CIS and online store with delivery across the CIS. Blastbeat Shop has a very convenient location in Moscow - m.Dinamo, Novy Bashilovka d.4 (7 minutes walk from the subway.) Website: www.blastbeat-shop.ru

Blastbeat Drum Shop - the only store in Russia, dealing with only percussion instruments. We have the largest range of drum production. Our task - to fully meet the needs of any drummer.
 Our employees - a well-known professional drummers who can not only play well, but also well aware of the proposed product. We always help you choose the necessary tools and competently advise you on any question on the barrel threads.

Company categories:
  • Accessories general
  • Percussion instruments, electronic drums, accessories
Booth location:
  • Pav. 17, A4
  • Russian Federation, 125040, Moscow
  • Novaya Bashilovka str, 4 bld