Argerus - Russian-made brass wind instruments. “Argerus” - Argentum + Russia = Russian silver. Production is located in Krasnodar. The idea of ​​creating brass instruments originated in the mid-2000s. Since 2017, intensive work began on the development and creation of our own line of pipes. In 2018, a clear production concept was found; the company developed its own models and modifications of instruments and released experimental pipe samples that successfully passed tests, both in solo and in orchestra performance. This year, the Russia Student Trumpet - RST pipe line was launched into serial production, which is distinguished by ease of sound extraction, a bright and clean tone, intonation accuracy, high build quality and mastering of the instrument, affordable cost compared to foreign counterparts. Today, the Russian Professional Trumpet - RPT line of pipes is being prepared for serial production. Our main goal is to manufacture the entire line of brass instruments from pipe to pipe.

Company categories:
  • Woodwind instruments, accessories
Booth location:
  • Pav. 7a, B1
  • Russian Federation, 350063, Krasnodar
  • ul. Pushkina 12
  • Phone: +7(952)850-98-93, +7(918)461-61-74
  • Email: argerus23@mail.ru