The Russian company "EMULSOL" is engaged in technological research and production developments in the bakery and confectionery sectors. Leading direction of activity of enterprise is the introduction of modern import-substituting technologies and new methods of automation of greasing the baking forms, pods, leaves, pans and other surfaces and cleaning them.

Company categories:
  • 1 Ingredients for the production of baked goods, pastries and sugar confectionery products
  • 1.2 Additional ingredients
  • 1.2.2 Oil products
  • 7 Equipment for the production of baked goods and pastry products
  • 7.25 Equipment for lubricating sheets, trays, and forms
  • 8 Accessories for production of baked goods and pastry products
  • 8.13 Coatings and lubricants for sheets, trays and forms
  • 18 Cleaning and production hygiene
  • 18.3 Disinfection tools
Booth location:
  • Pav. 7 Hall 6, 76А15
  • Russian Federation, 142261, Серпуховский район
  • дом 11
  • Phone: +7(495)988-32-53, +7(925)157-11-09
  • Fax: +7(495)988-32-53
  • Email: emuls@mail.ru sales@hlebnoederevo.com