Business Club: Development of skills set of bread baking production

Dialogue between business and authorities in addressing the challenges of bakery industry: strategy, tactics, results        
Valery Cheshinsky, President        
Russian Union of Bakers        
Developing productive capacity, introduce new products and putting them on the market        
Aleksey Lyalin, General manager        
Vladimirsky Khlebokombinat        
Interaction with retail chains on returning unsold products:  objective reality, practice and examples        
Sergey Grigoriev, director of sales        
KARAVAI Group        
Business associations in Russian  market economy development. Branch unions of bakery industry in Russia. Goal of establishing a new business association and its plans        
Sergey Schedrin, Chairman of board of directors         
Cheremushki plant        
Electronic animal health certification of animal products. Federal government information system “Mercury” in ensuring traceability of products        
Vladimir Kazeko        
Retail requirements for quality and safety of products        
Vsevolod Milrud, Vice-Chairman of the Committee on quality        
Retail Companies Association (ACORT)        
Mold problems: standard methods of struggle and new efficient  technologies        
Eugeny Kobzev, Head of microbiological department, Ph.D. of biological sciences        
Research and production company “Potok Inter”        
Using technological equipment of the new generation. Experience with technological issues during the modernization of a bakery enterprise        
Mikhail Kotikov, sales director        
Air-Bake company        
Wheel of bread flavors and aromas. To attract attention - to increase sales        
Oksana Mitichkina , leading technologist and consultant        
RUSSKY BAKELS company        
Innovative products for bakery and confectionery goods. Import substitution. “Green Technologies”        
Natalia Khabibulina, leading specialist on research and development, Ph.D. of technical sciences        
Partner-M company        
Russian economy. Distribution channels of bread. Trends in different categories of products        
Vitaly Lunin, Head of bread baking centre        
Lesaffre international company        
Human resources capacity development. Lead and win. Staff motivation

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