Added value: how to create products interested to your customers?

Special Guest  -  Sampsa Haarasilta        
Expert on the superfoods development and ingredients, the former R&D-director of Fazer bakeries        
● How to increase the added value of bread: benefits without effort        
● Vegetarian bread, including enriched by protein        
● The increase of the mold-free and E-code free shelf life of bread         
● Enzymes for freshness and softness        
● Enriched bread with natural vitamin D        
Leipurien Tukku" Experts:        
● Why you need the value-added products?        
● How to get the finished product from the trend which will be bought?        
● Which labels can be put on the packaging and which ones are not and why?        
* Tasting the latest developments of bakery and flour confectionery goods

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