Dongguan Zhaoshun Silicone Technology Co.,Ltd

Megasun-tech has a first-class domestic product manufacturing system and process
quality control system. Since its establishment, it has been actively cooperating with
universities and research institutes in technical projects. It has successively obtained
numerous patents for inventions and practical new models, which guarantees the
company's continuous innovation ability in technology and product application.
The main products of Megasun-tech are silicone rubber and silicone oil. Its application
scope covers new energy vehicles, LED lighting (LED driving power), electronic and
electrical, power, garment accessories, industrial products, silicone daily necessities, and
silicone rubber industrial products.

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  • Components
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  • China, Dongguan
  • No. 1, Second Street, Daxin road, Daxinwei Road, Dongbo Village, Zhongtang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
  • Phone: +86-0769-8888 8312, +86-0769-8888 8312
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  • Email: zs@megasun-tech.com