    Alphaopen company develops and offers the Alphalogic® software platform designed for solutions in the areas of Smart Buildings, Smart Infrastructure, Smart City. Alphalogic® allows you to create various infrastructure services on the basis of a “single integration platform” for collecting and processing data for monitoring and managing various specialized engineering and information systems (for example, a variety of building engineering systems, access control systems, security and fire systems, video surveillance, video analytics, BIM FM, artificial intelligence, etc.).
    Alphalogic platform is used at various facilities: residential and commercial real estate, municipal real estate, city services and corporates.
    Suggested solutions: a comprehensive combined set of infrastructure and IT services for residents,  advanced facility management and automated facility+ security situation centers for corporate customers.

Company categories:
  • Building Automation
  • Smart home
  • Security systems
  • Smart city
Booth location:
  • Pav. 3, 3C70
  • Russian Federation, 127474, Moscow
  • Dmitrovskoye shosse 60A
  • Phone: +7(499)940-40-10
  • Email: info@alphaopen.com