Chang Zhou Shi Zhi Wei Tool Co., Ltd.

We are manufacture and trader specialized in CNC tools  in China.Products/Service: Carbide End Mills, Solid Carbide Drills, CNC reamers, Carbide Rods, Saw blade and Other Customized Cutting Tools.

Company categories:
  • Light Industry Machinery
    • Textile Machinery
    • Printing Machinery
    • Paper Processing Machinery
    • Injection Machine
    • Printing Packaging Machinery
    • Food Packaging Machinery
    • Plastic Packaging Machinery
Booth location:
  • Forum, G09
  • China, Changzhou
  • No.2 Tianzhushan Road, Xixiashu Town, Xinbei District, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province
  • Email: 363859737@qq.com