Powermach Import & Export Co., Ltd (Sichuan)

  Powermach is the leading manufacturer of mechnical power transmission parts in China. Main products are: pulley, bushing, keyless locking device, timing pulley, timing belt, sprocket, coupling. Powermach owns 4 production bases in China, production capability covers precision casting, precision forging, intelligent CNC manufacturing cell, surface treatment. Products are sold to over 40 coutries with more than 3000 customers.

Company categories:
  • Light Industry Machinery
    • Plastic Packaging Machinery
    • Food Packaging Machinery
    • Printing Packaging Machinery
    • Injection Machine
    • Paper Processing Machinery
    • Printing Machinery
    • Textile Machinery
    • Other light industry machinery
  • Construction Machinery & Vehicles
    • Road-building machinery
    • All around construction sites
    • Mining, Extraction & Processing of Raw Materials
    • Production of Building Materials
    • Component & Service
  • Pumps & Valves, Pipeline Fittings
    • Valves
  • Machine Tools & Accessories
    • Metal Finishing Machines
    • Metal Forming Machine Tools
    • Machine Tool Accessories
    • Metal Materials & Equipment
    • Welding Equipment
Booth location:
  • Forum, G12
  • China, Chengdu
  • 2709-2710 Times plaza, No.2 Zongfu Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China.
  • Email: david.liao@cpt-world.com