Shandong Wanyu Bearing Co., Ltd.

  SHANDONG WANYU BEARING CO.,LTD was established in June 2005, which is located in Linqing City, Shandong Province. The company has excellent production equipment, perfect testing instruments and strong technical force. In order to meet the product quality requirements, the company strictly carries out the production according to the international standard of ISO9001-2008 "Quality System", It adopts imported technology and produces high-quality precision bearings, customized service, customized according to customer drawings, samples or other requirements. SHANDONG WANYU BEARING CO.,LTD adheres to the principle of “quality first”and develops the global market at preferential prices. At present, the products have been exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Africa and other places, and have built a good reputation and reputation in the country and the world.

Company categories:
  • Construction Machinery & Vehicles
    • All around construction sites
    • Mining, Extraction & Processing of Raw Materials
    • Production of Building Materials
    • Component & Service
  • Pumps & Valves, Pipeline Fittings
    • Fittings
  • China, Liaocheng
  • Kangzhuang Industrial Park, Yandian Town, Linqing City, Shandong Province
  • Email: wanyu@sdwybearing.com