Fujian Yanan Power Co., Ltd

"Fujian Yanan Power Co.,Ltd.,  main products cover stationary or marine alternators from 3 to 3750 kVA, generator sets, electric motors for new energy vehicles, PEMFC (proton-exchange membrane fuel cells), rare-earth permanent magnetic motors, intelligent integrated power plant, intermediate frequency generator sets, high-voltage alternators.
Adhering to the management philosophy “Conquer the Market by Prominence; Create the Brilliant through Partnership”, YANAN has obtained certifications of ISO14001 environment management system, ISO28001 occupation Health safety management system and ISO9001 quality management system, and UL, CCC, CE, Taier and GS authentications, and is an accredited vendor for China-Aid foreign projects and UN global procurement.
Complying with the idea of technology innovation first and the talent appreciated, YANAN has owned an excellent research capacity that it holds 122 patents (consisting of 6 invention patents) and owns several sophisticated products with advanced technology. Among them, Hydrogen Fuel Cell is a part of the High-Tech R&D (863) Program of “the 12th National Five-Year Plan” of China, and motors of Hybrid Electric Vehicle and High-Precision Permanent Magnet Servo Motor are at the leading edge of motor technology in China. In a strong talented team comprising of 68 general technicians, 28 engineers and 9 senior engineers, of whom, there are 3 engineering doctorate recipients. YANAN has also established the cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, South China University of Technology, etc. Now, YANAN was honored with “The Pilot Intellectual-Property Enterprise of China’s Private and Public Enterprises”, “The Pilot Enterprise of the Initial Implementation of Technology Standard Stratagem in Fujian Province”, “The Academician Workstation of Fujian Province”, “Fujian Innovation Practice Base for Post Doctorate”, “Fujian Hi-Teach Enterprise”, “Fujian Innovation-Oriented Enterprise”, “Fujian High-Performance-Alternator Key Laboratory”, “Fujian New-Energy Power and Motor Industry Technology Centre”, “Fujian Strategic Innovation Alliance of New-Energy Auto Industry”, etc.
YANAN, as a famous manufacturer, owns a brand system consisting of 36 trademarks. Its core brand “YANAN”, which can be used in sixteen country members in Madrid System, is honored with “The Export Brand Recommended by Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China”.
 YANAN, as a model credit enterprise of China, is “The Enterprise Credit Grade AAA level Evaluation by China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Machinery & Electronic Products”, “The Model Enterprise of China’s Machine-Building Industry”, “The AA-Level Enterprise Management by Customs in Fujian”, “The Top Credit Enterprise Supervision by Fujian Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau”, “The Enterprise of Good Creditworthiness in Fujian”. YANAN also energetically takes social responsibility, so that YANAN won “The Advanced National Reemployment Enterprise”, “The Advanced National Employment-and-Social-Security Enterprise”, “May lst Labour Medal” and others.
In the future, YANAN is building himself into a leading supplier of the energy solutions and contributing green energy technology and solutions to the world, by innovation in science and technology, management and service within the Group. "

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