Citic Pacific Special Steel Holdings

Citic Pacific Special Steel Holdings (CPS) is a leading manufacturing group of quality special steels, currently the largest producer in the world with the annual capacity of 12 million tons.CPS owns five core subsidiaries; namely, Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel Works Co., Ltd., Hubei Xinyegang Co.,Ltd., Qingdao Special Iron&Steel Co., Ltd., Tongling Pacific Special Material Co., Ltd., and Yangzhou Pacific Special Material Co., Ltd.Thus, CPS has formed an industrial chain, strategically laid out alongside the coast and the Yangtze River.CPS features six product categories: alloy steel bars, Special steel plates, Special seamless tubes, Special forgings, Special steel wire rods, and Concast alloy round blooms.

Company categories:
  • Industrial parts and raw materials
Booth location:
  • Forum Pavilion, C28