Chengdu Heavy Machinery Corporation / China National Erzhong Group I/E Co., Ltd.

"China National Erzhong Group I/E Co., Ltd. is responsible for the importation and exportation for China National Erzhong Group (hereinafter abbreviated as China Erzhong). China Erzhong was established in 1958, it covers a total area of 2.60 million
square meters, and has very strong capability for smelting, casting, forging, heat treatment, welding, machining, testing &inspection, as well as the final assembly of the equipments. Our products passed quality certification of ISO9001, ISO14001, ASME(N), ASME(NPT), U2, U, etc.
    Our business consists of following parts:
1.Rolling mill: hot strip rolling mill, cold rolling mill,heavy size plate rolling mill, etc.
2.Forging press equipment:hot die forging press, hydraulic press,trimming press, etc.
3.Heavy forgings and castings for power station
4.Nuclear power and pressure vessel
5.Driving part:gear,spindle, racks, gear box, etc.
6.Metallurgical equipment: straightener, shear, etc.

Company categories:
  • Transmissions, industrial cooling technologies, valves and dynaflow
  • Energy & power engineering, power generators
  • Machine tools
  • Casting
  • Welding
  • Industrial parts and raw materials
Booth location:
  • Forum Pavilion, B20