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Atlantic C

Competence in beer filling

With our team of experts we can look back on more than 20 years of successful project work in which we were able to supply breweries and wineries with tailor-made concepts and plants.

Our service begins with an exact understanding of the specific requirements, combined with an assessment of future developments. What are the expectations of the end customers to which the production has to find answers? From this we develop individual solutions, from production to storage.

At BrauBeviale we present our solutions for breweries. Especially in the low and medium capacity range, which is important for the rapidly growing market of craft beer, we have mature concepts and reliable technology from our own production. Our fillers provide - confirmed by independent experts - best filling results with low oxygen absorption, very good hygienic properties, good accessibility and longevity.  
From the empty-bottle-feeder / stretch blow-moulding machine to the palletizer - everything out of one reliable hand.

Industry 4.0 - Shaping the future

Another area of Atlantic C deals with corporate management in accordance with the latest standards and the objectives of information networking and control of the entire value chain from raw materials to the end consumer. The design, manufacture, software and database development and implementation of systems and complete automation for production, packaging, display automation, warehouse logistics and order picking are just as much a part of our services as the subsequent support of our customers.

Company categories:
  • 2. Machinery and Installations for Beverage Production
    • 2.2. Machinery and installations for water treatment
    • 2.3. Machinery and installations for beer production
    • 2.4. Machinery and installations for the production of nonalcoholic beverages and mineral water
    • 2.6. Machinery and installations for the production of wine, sparkling wine and spirits
  • 3. Machinery and Installations for Filling and Packaging Beverages
    • 3.1. Machinery for bottling
  • 4. Packaging, Closure Systems, Labelling and Packaging Ancillaries
    • 4.2. Closure systems
    • 4.4. Shipping packaging
    • 4.3. Auxiliary packaging equipment
  • 5. Automation and IT
    • 5.1. Process automation, control and control systems
    • 5.2. IT solutions
  • 8. Logistics
    • 8.3. Loading equipment, load security
    • 8.5. Material flow and storage systems
Booth location:
  • Pav. 4, C130
  • Germany, 54470, Bernkastel-Kues
  • Saarallee 18
  • Phone: +49(653)150-1970
  • Fax: +49(6531)501-97666
  • Email: info@atlanticc.com