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Albert Handtmann Armaturenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

The Handtmann Group of Companies enjoys high international reputation in various markets for technical solutions. Our key objective is securing the continuation of the group of companies as an independent family-owned business in the long term. With these guiding principles, the advisory board and management wish to express common values which characterise our thinking and actions and which are binding for every employee.

Company categories:
  • 2. Machinery and Installations for Beverage Production
    • 2.7. Filtration and separation technology
  • 5. Automation and IT
    • 5.1. Process automation, control and control systems
  • 6. Laboratory and additional equipment
    • 6.1. Analysis
    • 6.2. Cleaning equipment
    • 6.4. Fittings, bins, containers and pumps
    • 6.5. Test Equipment
    • 6.6. Process and auxiliary materials
  • 7. Industrial cold and installations for energy, compressed air / gas, environmental protection
    • 7.1. Refrigeration, industrial cold
    • 7.2. Energy management
    • 7.4. Industrial safety and Environmental engineering
Booth location:
  • Pav. 4, C260