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Supply and sale of ripening products (kegs “Cornelius”), stainless steel couplers, vintage beer columns, home mini-breweries, chillers, drip cups with glass washer, carbonization devices and glass bottling, washing kegs, installations reverse osmosis, beer flow meters, and all of  equipment for bottling beer at really low prices.

Company categories:
  • 2. Machinery and Installations for Beverage Production
    • 2.1. Machinery and installations for the production and processing of malt and raw fruit
    • 2.2. Machinery and installations for water treatment
    • 2.3. Machinery and installations for beer production
    • 2.4. Machinery and installations for the production of nonalcoholic beverages
    • 2.5. Machinery and installations for the production of wine, sparkling wine and spirits
    • 2.6. Filtration and separation technology
    • 2.7. Heat exchangers and heat treatment systems
  • 3. Machinery and Installations for Filling and Packaging Beverages
    • 3.1. Filling and packaging systems for beverage containers
    • 3.2. Filling and Cleaning systems for kegs, barrels and other beverage containers
  • 9. Shop and HoReCa fittings
    • 9.1. Catering equipment and accessories
    • 9.2. Refrigeration equipment and vending machines
    • 9.3. Dispensing systems
    • 9.4. Marquees, furniture and accessories
Booth location:
  • Hall 12, pav.3, F06
  • Russian Federation, 620137, Yekaterinburg
  • ul. Shefskaya, 3A/D
  • Phone: +7(904)544-04-04
  • Email: yasinskas@yandex.ru