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The DIATEC GROUP boasts today production and commercial companies in Italy, France, Macedonia and Portugal. The multi-year experience, together with the high level of skills acquired, access the Group to be one of the main ones leader of the premium reference markets. The 3 business units of the Diatec Group: TEXTILE is production and trading of papers and medias for garment industry: from the cutting room to the drawing; GRAPHIC ART is development, production and trading of medias for sublimation printing, for technical drawing and for printing and reproduction of image in the advetising sectors; INDUSTRIAL ADHESIVE is formulation, production and trading of industrial glues and adhesives for the packaging, bookbinding, paper converting, labelling and assembly.
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Italy, 38023, CLES (TRENTO), Via Campo Sportivo, 24

Phone: +39(046)3421-592

Email: info@diatecgroup.com

Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of, MK - 1041 ILINDEN, SKOPJE , Technological Industrial Development Zone, 23/1

Phone: +389-22-550-055

Site: http://www.diatecgroup.com/en